We are proud to announce our latest investment into Crypto Citizen, a futuristic play-to-earn metaverse.

Crypto Citizen has received financial backing and support from some of the most prominent investors in the space such as — Maven CapitalZBS CapitalMaster Ventures and others.

(Details about the CyberTrade > Crypto Citizen rebrand available here)

Below is a brief overview of our investment in Crypto Citizen.

It’s definitely no secret or surprise when we tell you the metaverse has been one of the most discussed topics in the cryptocurrency world over the past 12 months, with majority of discussions curious as to how the current sector will evolve ahead of potentially becoming a social standard of the internet and revolutionizing the way humans can communicate, work and live.

The Play-To-Earn (P2E) model is a great component when integrated into the metaverse and is slowly reshaping and revolutionizing the entire gaming industry, a few successful examples of this remodelling are — DecentralandThe Sandbox and Axie Infinity.

P2E allows users from all over the world to play and gain real value for time spent simply interacting with a game and/or in the Metaverse. Giving back real value to users is important and blockchain technology provides all that is required by enabling the creation and true ownership of digital assets in the metaverse, as well as trustless value transfer between users and platforms.

The GameFi industry is still in its infancy stages so it comes with no surprise that some of the new and upcoming games being released seem under developed with some users even viewing the final products as heavily outdated. It’s obvious that there is a major gap in quality when you compare traditional games against blockchain games, generally with traditional games providing the much better user experience.

Crypto Citizen is certainly raising the bar and setting a new higher standard of quality when it comes to the metaverse, P2E and gaming industry as a whole. The graphics and gameplay have not yet been seen in GameFi, it is going to be a strong divider from others and a true example of “Play for fun” whilst benefiting from the incentives that come along with the user’s experience. Currently, we are seeing users adapting to P2E in the sense that they are solely there for one reason, the rewards. This is making the current games in the industry feel more like a job (Work to earn) and is more so unenjoyable than fun, which really shouldn’t be the case for any game.

But how will Crypto Citizen conquer the entire Metaverse and GameFi sector and how do they plan to give their users a traditional and real AAA gaming experience? To answer this, we must first understand exactly what type of game they are developing and what they aim to achieve.

What is Crypto Citizen?

Crypto Citizen is an upcoming P2E — PVP game built in full 3D Unity engine set in a futuristic cyber looking world, produced by QORPO Games Studio.

There are multiple game modes in which you play with different fighters, items, race cars and bosses — they all represent NFTs.

Crypto Citizen will have its own MMO RPG metaverse, where you can own land, businesses, buildings and manage your NFT properties. This is the final phase of the project and is based in a high-quality metaverse city named “Metropolit” which is split into 10 districts.

QORPO Studio has 4 main aims:

  • Develop high quality games and accelerate GameFi to the highest possible level
  • Allow their users to build a career, work and earn a living in the digital world
  • Bring back the element of fun and excitement in all games
  • Boost blockchain adoption by providing traditional gaming experience

Story line and gameplay

Crypto Citizen is based in the year 2101 where corporations have taken control over a wide range of areas, such as weapons, robotics, pharmaceuticals, and communications. Most of them operate above the law and as a result, many people ended up on the streets of Metropolit with no chance of getting a decent job. You will be looking at your character from the third person and play in a unique, online world with extremely high details and action packed gameplay where as a player you will get the feeling of uncertainty and fear. When you progress further in the game, you will start to feel more powerful.

There will be 10 districts in the massive open-world metaverse. Each district includes various zones with distinctive visual features and quests. Players will progress from rough outlands where they fight for survival all the way to the luxurious skylines of downtown Metropolit filled with fancy cars and businesses. Your citizen ranking determines what district you are to play in.

Every week there will be an event in one district of Metropolit called “The Purge”, during the purge there are no rules! Players can loot and spread chaos across the district. If you like the idea of The Purge, there is a special part of the city called “Rugpull Zone” where The Purge is 24/7.

Where is Crypto Citizen at in terms of progress?

Since its inception, QORPO Studios have made a tremendous amount of development progress on both the mini-games and the open world metaverse.

Coming soon is the Alpha Test for Drag races & Fights, these are mini-game modes and in reality are whole games in themselves. Once the mini-game’s and $CCASH token are live, you will be able play and earn rewards.

There are so many big developments and major milestones coming soon, you can keep track of them all by viewing the roadmap.

Connect with Crypto Citizen today and be apart of the growing community!

Interesting points

  • Currently at the time of writing, there are almost 200,000 users who have pre-registered to play Crypto Citizen! Having this many users active on a daily basis would place the project in the Top 3 of all Blockchain Games regarding popularity, active user-base etc. By pre-registering, you will get a free NFT skin that you will be able to use to play and earn when the mini-games are live. Click here to pre-register!
  • You will be able to create and run businesses in the metaverse and generate $CCASH for doing so. This will open up a whole new revenue stream for entrepreneurial users who wish to seek and explore new business ventures in the digital world.
  • QORPO Studio’s are consistently and carefully growing their team with only experts in the game development and design space with past experiences from companies such as; UbisoftEABlizzardGameloft etc. Currently at the time of writing, QORPO has 100+ employees worldwide.
  • Analysts from J.P. Morgan have recently predicted that metaverse in-game ad spending will reach approx $18.4 billion by 2027, with the entire metaverse market possessing the potential of $1 trillion in yearly revenue. CyberTrade will offer one of the greatest opportunities for big brands and companies to easily get involved and start advertising in a high quality futuristic digital world.

“Kef Ventures has been a great support to our project. We would like give a thank you specifically to Timothy Kefaloukos, CEO & Co-founder at Kef Ventures. His feedbacks and knowledge from the market helped us to move forward with our product easily and the team proved to be one of the industry leaders.”

Rastislav Bakala, CEO, QORPO Games Studio

“ Rastislav and the crew at QORPO Studios certainly have a high attention to quality, which is what makes them really stand out. The team has been extremely well prepared from the beginning and are constantly exceeding all expectations. We can definitely see their product being adopted as the go-to for everyone looking to transition into a digital world and way of living. It has been a pleasure to view, advise and support the development of CyberTrade from early stages all the way till now and I really look forward to remain working alongside the team in the future.”

Timothy Kefaloukos, CEO, Kef Ventures

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