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  • We are proud to announce our investment into DEIP, the first Web 3.0 Creator Economy Protocol.

    DEIP have been fortunate to gain support from some of the greatest, most reputable advisors and backers in the space such as  —  Valeria Kholostenko, Kenzi Wang, Hillrise Ventures, Vendetta Capital and others.

    (Full list including core team available here)

    Below we will give a brief overview of our investment in DEIP. 

    As we all know, Web 3.0 is growing more and more mainstream as the days go on, but while developers and enthusiasts are typically focusing on the core aspect of decentralized data infrastructure and user privacy, there has not been as much discussions around the beneficial impact this emerging technology can have on one immense industry — the creator economy.

    The global creator economy/creative industry market has consistently continued to grow at a rather rapid pace, while recently exceeding a value of more than 2 trillion dollars.

    With the industry’s continuous growth, there are currently major issues and setbacks creators face on an ongoing basis such as the use of distributed channels, plagiarism, piracy, income and the list can go on.

    Revolutionary web3 technology is a solution to all that is mentioned above and more. Lets use Instagram for an example, photographs are constantly reposted and aggregated without the owners permission, making it possible for other users to benefit financially from the creators work and not only that, but anything a creator decides to upload whether if its a photograph, artwork or really just any digital image, they give Instagram the right to re-use that content at their will, don’t forget that Instagram also collects 79 per cent of its users’ personal data and shares it with third parties, including search history, location, contacts and financial info.

    Blockchain technology will ultimately give creators the power to control their careers like never before, with plenty of new unseen benefits to capitalize on.

    But how is DEIP the future of the creator economy and how do they plan to lead all creators to a fairer, safer and a greater rewarding career? To answer this, we must first understand exactly what their technology is and what they aim to achieve.

    What is DEIP?

    DEIP is the first Web 3.0 application-specific protocol for tokenization and governance of high-value intangible assets. DEIP provides a set of Web3 protocols, tools and applications for the creative economy.

    DEIP Protocol is a decentralized protocol that enables discovering, evaluation, licensing and exchange of intangible assets. It is designed specifically for intangible assets tokenization (as F-NFT), governance (via DAO) and liquidity (via DeFi instruments and derivatives).

    The protocol is a driving force behind the creator economy, democratizing access to resources by facilitating the flow of rewards to content creators, which the DEIP Network pools together into decentralized autonomous organizations.

    DEIP is on a mission to facilitate the global market shift from a “value capture” economy to a “value creation” by creating a new set of rules which democratize access to resources for creators and unlock the full potential of creators around the world.

    DEIP has 5 main aims:

    • Increase the liquidity of high-value intangible assets
    • Provide increased protection for intellectual property
    • Facilitate collaboration between creators and business
    • Provide a governance model framework for the assessment of assets
    • Create a transparent reward mechanism for creators

    The adoption of Web 3.0

    DEIP is driving the adoption of Web 3.0 with the DEIP Constructor.

    The DEIP Contructor is a free, open-source, modular, low-code/no-code for building Web3 applications on top of the DEIP Network. This has been dubbed as “Wordpress for Web 3.0” due to its simplicity for the creation of next-generation content. This technology is currently the fastest solution in the world. The main aim of the DEIP Constructor is to drive the adoption of the DEIP Network, help gather tokenized intangible assets in the network and therefore boost internal economic activity.

    Where is DEIP at in terms of progress?

    DEIP was founded in late 2017 and has since made a tremendous amount of progress in terms of development.

    Currently at the time of writing, a couple major events for DEIP scheduled this quarter is the Main Network Launch & Public Sale (IDO). The $DEIP Token is fundamentally the native cryptocurrency in the DEIP Network, it also serves as the main governance token and reward for validators.

    There is so many big developments and major milestones coming soon, you can keep track of them all by viewing the roadmap.

    Connect with DEIP today and be apart of the growing community!

    Interesting points

    • More often then not, creators are taken advantage of. DEIP is the solution as creators are empowered by increased control over their work whilst also equipping the creator economy with ways to capture maximum value of their work.
    • DEIP will empower retail investors and creators in the NFT market with the use of Fractionalized NFTs (F-NFT) and when the DEIP Protocol is launched, asset owners and creators can benefit even more from the use of F-NFTs. We see this as a major step forward for both sides in the NFT market as NFTs will be more accessible to everyone, while generating more revenue. Unsure what F-NFTs are? Click here and learn!
    • The DEIP Constructor is going to open new doors for developers and businesses to quickly get involved in Web 3.0 with its simple two modes to operate (no code and low code). This will allow users to build fully functional applications to the DEIP network in weeks, not years. As mentioned above this is currently the fastest, easiest solution. Why is this needed? The DEIP Constructor plays a crucial, much needed role in regards to Web 3.0 adoption, by simplifying complex technology this will ultimately advance the transition to the next-gen web.
    • The team and partners behind DEIP have tremendous experience when it comes to technology, software and development. With this level of expertise in the industry, they also have an unmatched passion for driving the “adoption of Web 3.0”, the next stage of web evolution. This has led to the creation of Collective Intelligence Labs (CIL), a business unit aimed at facilitating the rise of 1,000 new Web 3.0 businesses using DEIP technology. CIL aims to accelerate development of the next-gen web through research, development, strategic partnerships and technology incubation.

    “Kef Ventures has been supporting us regularly and from the first day they invested. I want to personally give kudos to Timothy Kefaloukos, CEO & Co-founder at Kef Ventures. He was regularly scheduling calls with us and acting as a great advisor, providing feedback all in a very structured way. Kef Ventures is a very promising fund and they have been great value to us.”

    Alex Shokr, CEO, DEIP

    “Alex and his team are experts at what they do, with the entire crew coming from extensive tech backgrounds. They have been building DEIP for close to 5 years and we believe they are more then ready to hit the market and prove to be industry leaders. It has been a pleasure to work with such a talented team in the field, we have built a strong relationship and I look forward to remain working alongside the team in the future.”

    Timothy Kefaloukos, CEO, KEF VENTURES

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